Foggy Pier

I have been – and will always be – a student of storytelling; a firm believer in the art of connecting with audiences on deep personal levels.


I’ve told stories of extraordinary families juggling the chaos and joy of five newborns. I’ve hidden in the back of unmarked U.S. Marshals' vehicles as they heroically track down violent murderers. I’ve helped build show formats that speak to the desires of men and women who shape their own destinies by building small businesses. Within all these, I've found and featured numerous stories of struggle, transformation, loss and triumph.


In short, I've had a 15 year career navigating the complexities of human nature.


I’m an experienced and groundbreaking creative producer, a prudent Executive-In-Charge, and a collaborative showrunner with nearly 200 hours of television content under my belt. I’ve simultaneously overseen four series and five pilots, and ushered a show from development to 100 episodes in over seven seasons. I’ve helped secure series renewals on seven different shows, and helped lead a production company from five people to nearly 200.


Of course, stats like these sound as if I did it all on my own – and nothing could be further from the truth. It is the collective product of many people's hard work. Directing, developing, and collaborating with these people is what brings me the most satisfaction day-to-day. Watching them work fully within their own unique talents is what makes me excited to create television, film, and branded content. 


All in all, I’ve been fortunate to make a living doing what I love. The next big story is always unfolding, and I'm excited to help bring it to an audience, no matter the medium or context. 

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